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My Illustrated Review – Tumble by Clare Griffin

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Tumble by Clare Griffin

This book took me back in time! Back to my high school days, a different mindset and a seriously fun ride. I’ll admit it’s been a while since I’ve read YA (ok, a long while, but let’s not get bogged down on details relating to my age) and I’d forgotten how good they are. I had moments of thinking like a parent and wondering at some of the heroine’s antics but once I threw that hat off and just enjoyed the ride; I have to say this was a brilliant read.

Emma Reynolds wants to ace year 12. Her life is all mapped out, her career plans on track, and she’s not interested in letting anything get in the way. Except maybe her long-time crush. I really enjoyed Emma’s enthusiasm for life. Her character was very believable for her age and I loved that she had an inner strength and direction she was willing to work at.

The love triangle that came clear a few chapters into the book was well executed, and all the characters (including secondary ones) were well rounded and had their own qualities. I felt immersed in the world the author built and really enjoyed the trip down memory lane, into the minefield of teenage drama and love.

The novel touches on some deeper issues but does so in a thoughtful and realistic way. I admit I didn’t see the major turn of events for the main character coming; I had thought it would be something else, but I really enjoyed being surprised.

This is definitely a book I’d recommend to anyone who loves YA or who wants to turn back time and re-live the twists and turns of high-school anguish over first love and life. I eagerly await a follow up to Tumble (Hint, hint ;))

The images I’ve sketched (ok there are four, I couldn’t choose) are all of Emma, and key outfits on her year 12 adventure.

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