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My Illustrated Review – The Whisperer’s of Evernow by Heidi Catherine

Heidi Catherine

The Whisperer’s of Evernow

I haven’t read a fantasy series for a while, but this first book has sent me cascading right back down that reading rabbit hole, and I can’t wait for the final book in this series, The Angels of Evernow, which releases 6thNovember.

The Whisperer’s of Evernow is incredibly unique and I was hooked after one chapter. Jeremiah’s love for his family leads him to take a job with the King, a job that isn’t what it was originally promised to be. Shut off from all he’s known, he’s forced into submission as a Whisperer. His voice cannot be used unless it’s to whisper the King’s wishes.

Princess Rose is first in line for the throne, except her life is in danger. Her father wants his newborn son to become the next ruler. With the Kings Whisperer’s chanting evil wishes – how could she possibly escape.

This was an adventure, with plenty of twists and turns (one twist in particular that I totally didn’t see coming, and which made me love the book all the more!). The connection between Rose and Jeremiah was beautiful, and I was cheering for them to overcome all evil in their path. The narration throughout is shared between Jeremiah, Princess Rose and Micah (Jeremiah’s sister). I really enjoyed having those differing viewpoints – they each added a new dimension to the story.

I found Jeremiah to be an incredibly heartfelt and warm hero, whose path was laden with hurt and yet he kept coming back strong. The characters were all wonderfully written and came to life for me. The world building was excellent, and I didn’t want to leave once I reached the final page.

The sketches below are of Jeremiah, Princess Rose & Jeremiah’s sister – Micah

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