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My Illustrated Review – The Three Date Rule by Jillian Jones

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The Three Date Rule

A contemporary romance with a twist. Wealthy property entrepreneur, Ryan Jensen, has a chance meeting with single mum, Kate Morgan, only to experience a premonition of their future together as a married couple. It was certainly a unique twist on the meet-cute and was thoroughly enjoyable.

Ryan has a past that has led to trust issues, as well as anxiety/panic attacks around certain situations. He takes his privacy very seriously and has never found anyone he wants to spend his life with, until Kate. His premonitions have never led him wrong in business, so why would they for something as important as this?

Kate’s ex is a wealthy guy used to getting what he wants. The father of her children, he’s done a number on her, and she’s determined that she’ll never let that type of guy into her life again. Her attraction to Ryan is instant, but he’s just another wealthy guy looking for a good time, isn’t he?

This story is lovely, taking the reader on a romantic trip from the Melbourne Cup, to skiing in Switzerland and Christmas markets in Austria. Both Ryan and Kate had many issues to overcome, and it became a real rollercoaster ride of emotions. I liked how to author spun a lot of things around, for e.g. the no sex before the third date – was Ryan’s rule, not Kate’s. It’s a very emotional read, with a lot of depth behind both characters.

This is the first story I’ve read of this author, and I look forward to the release of her next!

Below I’ve sketched a scene from the book which stood out for me, you’ll just have to read the book to work out why 😉

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