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My Illustrated Review – The Shape of Us by Lisa Ireland

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The Shape of Us by Lisa Ireland

Macmillan Australia

This is a beautiful story about four diverse and very different women who meet and become friends through an online weight loss forum.

Mezz is a Dr., who set aside youthful dreams of travelling and healing the world when she met her husband. Three kids later, she feels like she’s failing at being a mother, wife and is a second-rate doctor. She’s overweight, and tired of how she looks, and worried her husband will stray.

Kat is a childcare educator who will do anything to keep her daughter Ami happy and safe. Her relationship with Ami’s dad is rocky, but she’s sure if she loses her baby weight it will all be fine.

Jewels is happily married, runs a business she loves and is all around fabulous. But to fall pregnant with the baby she desperately wants, she knows she needs to lose weight. A lot of weight.

Ellie’s put her career on the back-burner for love, even moving to another country. But her partner is always busy with work and she’s lonely. The kg’s just keep creeping on and she’s not sure where she’s going in life. What happened to the former version of herself from London?

This book was one of my all-time favourite reads from 2018. The premise really appealed for many reasons, and I was intrigued to read a book about friendship through weight loss.

Except this was SO much more than that. Their journey isn’t about weight loss though it may have started there. It’s about their friendship, their lives, their relationships and their happiness. The author created characters that were so lifelike, and I felt every emotion they did throughout the novel. It was a very relatable and moving novel. (Yes – buy tissues! I cried buckets 🙂 )

The underlying message that happiness can’t be found through loosing weight and one’s appearance was strong, and important. I am a mum to two daughters and ensuring they have a healthy appreciation for living a happy and healthy life is one of my main aims. I want them to be happy within themselves, not based on their weight. I think this is an important topic for females and this book explored it in a thought provoking and sensitive way.

This story showcased how important female friendship is. If you haven’t read it yet, it needs to go on your TBR list. Like now!

Below are my sketches of Mezz, Jewels, Kat and Ellie. These women are beautiful, inside and out.

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