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My Illustrated Review – The Problem with Perfect by Megan Mayfair

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The Problem with Perfect

Crooked Cat Books

Another enthralling and beautifully written book by author Megan Mayfair.

I was lucky enough to get to beta read this novel, and boy did it have me hooked. I didn’t immediately warm to Marigold in Tangled Vines, but a few chapters into her story, Problem with Perfect, and I loved her (and not just due to her fashion sense).

Marigold Doyle’s life is turned upside down when her husband unexpectedly passes. Missing major details at work, she is put on gardening leave – a fate worse than death for workaholic Marigold – and to top that off she receives a mysterious call about her late husbands’ apartment. An apartment she knows nothing about.

Finn Schröder is a swoon worthy former police officer, who now does private security. An event from his past still haunts him, and he dearly wants to live a simple uncomplicated life. Having done some work for the Doyle empire previously, he is the only person Marigold feels she can contact about her problem. Agreeing to help (and in secret from Marigold’s father) Finn feels conflicted about the situation, especially when real feelings evolve between Marigold and himself.

There are plenty of twists and turns and I was furiously scouring the pages for answers until the very last page. Megan has plotted a delicious slow burn romance, with a strong mystery story line that has both main characters questioning what is most important in life.

Plus, that cover!

Below are two sketches of Marigold Doyle – serious fashionista this one!

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