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My Illustrated Review – The One by Kaneana May

The One by Kaneana May


The tagline for this book ‘Fall in love like nobody’s watching’ is just absolutely perfect.

An insightful look at reality TV, this novel follows three different women, all on different quests for love.

Darcy is a driven film producer, excellent at her job, with a gorgeous boyfriend. Except producing this season’s, The One, might just bring all of her hard work undone.

Bonnie has never really gotten over her ex-boyfriend. An ex who is now engaged. To someone else. Will going on The One give her the change she needs to find her true love?

Penelope has moved to a quite seaside town, hoping to leave her old life behind. For personal reasons, she’d really prefer notto know anything about The One, the show everyone is talking about.

This book is exceptionally written. I loved how all the story lines wove together with the story occurring inside and outside the world of reality TV. All the characters were easy to fall in love with, and I found myself experiencing the highs and lows of each of their emotional journeys.

A very enjoyable read – I’d highly suggest finding a big block of time to read it. Bite sized reading just doesn’t do it justice 😉

The below sketches are of Darcy, Bonnie and Penelope. This is Kaneana May’s debut novel and I cannot wait for her next book!

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