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My Illustrated Review – Forbidden to Want by JC Harroway

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Forbidden to Want

Harlequin Dare

Mia Abbot is a strong, sexy New Zealander, newly arrived in London to complete a promotional film for the Faulkner group. Emotionally scarred when it comes to love, she’s never entertained the idea of a lasting relationship, or any relationship for that matter. Her life is all about freedom, and on her terms.

Billionaire Kit Faulkner is barely living, recovering from the loss of his wife. He does the bare minimum to cope at work, with his two brothers covering for him. Damaged, he finds himself having to work with Mia, a woman who strangely attracts him, yet he knows he shouldn’t even consider.

Forced proximity, and an animal attraction that neither can deny (nor have any issues putting out in the open) lead to a lusty enthralling encounter. It was only meant to be the one time to get it out of their systems, yet neither have.

Kit knows he can’t offer anything more than sex to Mia, even if she’s getting under his skin and into his mind in a way he can’t ignore. Mia’s strength starts to falter as she realises, she’s falling for a man who is still in love with someone else.

I really enjoyed this book. It ticked all the Dare boxes for me, with plenty of glamorous scenes that had me dreaming of London. Plus, that cover!!! I really felt the connection between Mia and Kit, the depth that the author built into their characters was truly beautiful. I loved watching Kit come back from the dark side through his interactions with Mia, and how much be fought to not fall in love. Especially the ending, it was one of those books that left me smiling brightly and sighing with love.

The little glimpses of the brothers in this story have me excited to read the rest of the series!

The two sketches below are of Mia, when she first meets Kit, and then when she’s all dressed up at a 1920’s themed event, looking sinfully sexy.

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