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My Illustrated Review – Falling for Miss Write by Joanne Dannon

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Falling for Miss Write

This is the second book in the Bachelor Down Under Series which follows the story of Felix, the brother of the hero in Book 1. Not having read the first book, I still found this easy to follow.

Project Manager Felix Randall has a questionable past and has made a lot of mistakes leading him to this point in his life. He has a loving family, and deeply in love parents. He’s reached a point in his life where he wants to re-build his image and find someone to love, and who will love him in return. A relationship like his parents share. Problem is—everyone knows him as a serial playboy who has slept with half of Melbourne.

Charlotte Glass has known Felix since high school. He’s attractive to be sure, but he’s not the guy for her. Not just because he’s a playboy, but because he is controlling. Having grown up with three brothers ruling her every move, Charlotte doesn’t want to date someone like that. Or does she?

Charlotte works as a barrister/baker at a café and is an aspiring writer. Felix is searching for a new job but feels his only option would be to move to New Zealand where his reputation won’t follow him. Seeing Charlotte again at his brother’s wedding, a mutual attraction begins to simmer between the two. What starts out as a fun couple of dates, becomes a deeper connection as both share their sordid pasts and connect on an emotional and sexual level.

The conflict between these two is clear. They might have similar mistakes in their pasts they aren’t proud of, but both have solid reasons to steer clear of a relationship with the other. I enjoyed Charlottes character; she was strong yet fun and knew her own mind. Being an aspiring writer myself I could feel her struggle with sharing that information with others. Felix’s past was hard to swallow, but the author did a good job on ensuring this topic was explored at length between the characters and they were both very honest with each other creating a stronger relationship at the end.

This story is grittier than the authors previous offerings. What started as a one book story has become a series, and after this book we can look forward to reading Charlotte’s brothers stories!

Below is my sketch of Charlotte:

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