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My Illustrated Review – Easter Promises: Historical Anthology by Clare Griffin, Sarah Fiddela

Easter Promises by Clare Griffin, Sarah Fiddelaers, Ava January, Nancy Cunningham

What a fantastic array of short historical stories! I loved every one and my only complaint was that I wished they were all longer. Well researched and extremely well written – I don’t read a lot of historical but every one of these had me hooked from the start.

Easter Dawn: A beautiful and evocative story set in 1912. I loved how the heroine grew in such a short space of time, and the hero’s motivations were truly heroic and made me love both characters so much more. The descriptions and prose in general used by the author really stood out – an author to watch!

An Easter Lily on the Somme: Set in France, 1916, during wartime. I’m not one to normally read stories set during the war but Nancy really drew me in with her cheeky doctor hero and strong, feisty heroine. I love the strength the heroine showed throughout this story and the romance as these two fell hard and fast. The tension of this was heightened with the wartime setting and was beautifully conveyed.

Le Malin Renard: France, 1924. Oh the glamour! I particularly loved the inner voice of the heroine in this story (and the cute fox stole angle). This is a period of fashion history which I’m transfixed by so imaging this story in my mind gave it an extra tick from me. It had a real old school Agatha Christie vibe and was superbly clever in the way it was written.

Eos: Hollywood, 1943, the glamour continues. I adored the heroine in this story – her strength and inner humour really clicked for me and felt so honest for this period of history. This had a real feeling of truth to it. Whilst I was reading I often wondered just which parts were based on fact and what was fiction. It felt a little like I was reading a script from a Hollywood film from this era (or maybe that’s just my obsession with old school Hollywood movies and wishful thinking).

Each story was vastly different but all featured strong heroines and deserving heroes who stole their hearts. Highly recommended reading.

Each of the images below are the heroines featured in each story.


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