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My Illustrated Review – Catching London by MV Ellis

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Catching London by MV Ellis

Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing

I was super excited to read Catching London. I fell in love with the cover after seeing it on Instagram, whilst knowing nothing about the actual story. It delivered in spades and big congratulations to the author – this is an amazing debut novel. I can’t wait to get stuck into the next books in this series, a short novella (Cold, Heart and Heartless) and the story told from the hero’s POV (Pushing Arlo).

Arlo Jones is a millionaire bad boy Rockstar, only having to crook a finger to get what he wants. Initially he thinks London Llwellyn is just another groupie trying to get into his pants, until she slaps him, and walks away. London isn’t interested in getting involved with anyone, especially bad boy Arlo. He has bad news written all over him, but when he offers her a job of a lifetime, how can she refuse? No, you’re right, she can’t! And boy is that a fun adventure to experience.

Catching London contains a fair amount of language and has a high heat level. The language threw me a little at first, but once I got to know the characters it worked. The author really created a whole world, and atmosphere for the reader.

I didn’t like the hero, Arlo, at first, wanting to give him a good smack over the head until he saw sense, but (my feelings aside) he was absolutely true to character, and his actions really emphasised the growth he experienced and made me fall that much more in love with him by the end.

The heroine, London, I loved from the get-go. She’s got an inner strength that really shone on the pages, and you could feel every emotion, high and low, that she went through. I was gunning for her to win her man and get everything she dreamed of.

There are some epic big romance scenes in this book and it left me dreaming of flitting off to Paris, experiencing a rock star life, and everything else in between.

The images I’ve sketched below are both of London Llwellyn at key points in the story.

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