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The Stenish Royals Book 2


An all-new stand-alone trilogy by award-winning author Jayne Kingsley. Sweet royal romance that will sweep you away into a magical world of duty, love, and fashion. 

A marriage of convenience or a love that’s meant to be? 

Lady Sophia Huntington appears to have the perfect life. Mingling with royalty and wearing stunning designer gowns make for a glamorous existence—except it’s ruled by her mother. An estranged aunt could be the answer to Sophia’s bid for freedom, but there’s a catch: she must marry, and soon! 

Prince Felix of Stenaco only has to wink and flash his trademark grin to have women falling at his feet—all except one. But he’s played the field for long enough. Now it’s time to win the heart of the woman he loves—too bad she’s always been immune to his charms.

Racing around the Irish countryside on a wild goose chase shows Sophia that Felix—dubbed the Playboy Prince—has another side, one that shakes the foundation of Sophia’s aversion to love.

Is this attraction the perfect antidote for them both? Or is this convenient prince bound to return to his playboy ways?