The Stenish Royals Book 3


An all-new stand-alone trilogy by award-winning author Jayne Kingsley. Sweet royal romance that will sweep you away into a magical world of duty, love, and fashion. 


How far can she run before the truth will catch up with her?

Izzie has struggled with life since the devastating loss of her mother. Living with a guilt she’s buried deep and unable to find her way back to the career path she’d so happily had planned, she’s left feeling like she has no choice but to run. Constantly. They say flight or fight, right? Well, she’s all flight. 

Ethan Raine is all fight. From his earliest memory, he has only ever wanted to be one thing: a darn good bodyguard, just like his father. A job gone wrong leads him to Queenstown for some downtime, but he thinks he’s been set up. 

Misplaced baggage has these two experiencing a chance meeting—one that changes both of them. Ethan can’t help but feel an overwhelming need to protect Izzie, which becomes ever more complicated when he finds out her true identity: Princess Isabella of Stenaco.  

Forced to choose between a job that could solve questions for him and his growing feelings for the burst-of-sunshine woman who’s entered his life, will he make the right choice? Or will guarding this runaway princess only make her run farther away?