Meadow Bay Series

Meadow Bay Series Teaser!

Welcome to Meadow Bay. Situated on the picturesque south coast, it nestles quietly between rocky cliffs and endless ocean. This small town welcomes people in and makes them never want to leave. At least not permanently…

After years apart the four Sutton sisters are back. Each brings their own issues they must set aside to fulfil the dying wish of the Nanna who loved and raised them. A year to bring the family bakery back to life doesn’t seem like too much to ask. Who knows, it may even give each of them a chance to heal, and find true love.

Book 1 Meadow Bay Series - Coming Soon


Flight attendant Kylie Sutton thought she had the perfect life; duty free shopping, different cities to call home every few days, and a swoon worthy pilot to love. Too bad he forgot to mention she’s only his Sydney layover and his wife lives the full dream in Melbourne.

When her late Nanna’s will stipulates that she and her sisters return to Meadow Bay on the picturesque south coast, to re-open the family’s once successful bakery, it’s a dream come true. She’ll be too busy to think about men, that is until she meets Doctor Josh Thompson…

Hunky doctor Josh has given up the fast-paced city life to move closer to his parents and help his recently disabled sister. He’s always wanted a love like his parents, and when he meets Kylie, he can’t understand why she won’t date him. But there are more ways than one to catch a reluctant flight attendant come baker. 

When the girls need to raise some capital, fast, Kylie suggests a fundraiser. An afternoon tea with eclairs, champagne and Meadow Bay’s finest bachelors. Super sexy Dr. Josh offers to be their main prize. Except what Kylie doesn’t know is that Josh intends her to win…